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We know the sacrifices our first responders make every single day. They deal with stress, face traumatic situations, and are exposed to some of the most horrific things any human will ever see. We also know that our first responders face everyday problems like relationship struggles, financial issues, substance abuse, addiction, etc., all of which, can have adverse effects on every aspect of their lives.

The sad and sobering reality: these heroes are more likely to die by their own hand than to be killed in the line-of-duty.


We know suicide is preventable, but unfortunately, prevention efforts have failed to decrease the number of yearly suicide deaths. This multifaceted effort will help BRIDGE-THE-GAP in hopes of seeing a dramatic decline in the number of suicide deaths within the occupation.

***A confidential, dynamic database has been developed to track Law Enforcement Officer and Corrections Officer SUICIDE and MURDER-SUICIDE deaths, to include: [currently sworn/ commissioned/ retired/suspended/terminated/etc.]. ***

We believe 1 life lost to suicide is “1 TOO MANY.” However, we also know that suicide is a dynamic, multifaceted, and complex phenomenon that cannot be broadly or easily explained, and doing so is highly irresponsible. We cannot keep allowing some unqualified individuals to make determinations about cause of death and we cannot keep classifying all police officer suicides as the mere result of PTSD or depression.

To report a Law Enforcement or Corrections officer death by suicide – Call Toll Free 1-833-SUIC1DE (784-2133). This is completely CONFIDENTIAL- You can leave a message or an email.


If you need us to call you back, please provide a phone number or email address for follow-up. We need the following:

1. Name (first and last) *no names are used (only used to collect additional data)

2. Rank

3. Agency Name and State [*no agencies are identified - only state and type of agency]

4. Total years of LE service (if known)

5. Any media link(s) or obituary


                                               THANK YOU